WHAT MUSEUM is a facility to make artists’ and collectors’ precious art properties that have been entrusted to us accessible to the public. We have used our unique insight as a warehousing company to explore the concept of what an art facility should be. The result is to open up the warehouse to offer the public a look at art that they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to see. The museum exhibits works by artists active in the contemporary art scene side-by-side with the thoughts of the collectors as well as the artists, offering an innovative space for the appreciation of art and architecture.
The name of WHAT (WAREHOUSE OF ART TERRADA) implies the cultural value which is gleaming quietly in the warehouse, and the museum exhibits paintings, three-dimensional works as well as architectural models, photographs, movies, literature and installations. We plan and exhibit these diversified arts and cultures in our individual style of museum as a warehouse company in new and unique approaches.
The precursor to WHAT MUSEUM, the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum, which has been storing and exhibiting works related to architecture since 2016, has been renamed the ARCHI-DEPOT Project and continues to host exhibitions specializing in architecture in the same facility.


The museum stores more than 600 architectural models entrusted to us by architects and design firms, of which some are exhibited.
Visitors who purchase a combination ticket for the WHAT MUSEUM exhibition will have limited access to see the models in the storage, which are usually not open to the public.


The MUSEUM SHOP sells original products such as tote bags, pouches, stationery, postcards, stickers, and other items produced for each exhibition that are only available here. The shop also offers carefully selected contemporary art and architecture books by the curator in charge.