—Inside the Collector’s
Vault, vol.1—

12 Dec, 2020—30 May, 2021

Contemporary art can be found in museums, commercial facilities, hospitals, train stations and other public facilities.

With the advancement of IT technology, opportunities to see art online has increased, and art has become familiar in our lives. This exhibition, the museum’s first exhibition, will focus on about 70 works by two collectors.

The Takahashi Ryutaro Collection is based on the theme of “Kakizome, the beginning of drawing”, while Mr. A’s collection focuses on works by NARA Yoshitomo that were created around the 2000s.

The exhibited works include new works and works that are exhibited for the first time.  In the exhibition, the collectors will tell us, in their own words, what attracted them to artwork and what inspired them to collect them.

About artists

List of works

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