What is art?
What is it that art brings to society—to us?
What makes art art?
Hint: it’s not the individual works.
Art is the something that takes root within those who experience it.
It’s the priceless pivot in your perceptive
powers over the passage of time.
The world that art shows you is never the same.
Your own mirror will tell you as much: every day,
your mood, your feeling,
your growth shows a new you.
Just because you loved something yesterday,
you’re not bound to love it forever.
Some things will capture your love in an instant.
When we turn toward art,
it lays us bare, leaves us open.
WHAT is the space to showcase hidden gems
from private collections stored at TERRADA.
Paintings, sculptures, installations, digital art.
Architectural models, literature, film too.
We’re crossing every border any exhibition
ever laid down.
Throw open the doors to the dark vaults —
it’s high time to let the art shine.
What will WHAT bring you?
The answer is yours to discover.